Marine Engineering

Our marine engineering services cover the design, construction and repairs of various marine vessels and structures, such as Houseboat, Accommodation Barges, Cargo Barges, Buoys, Pontoons and other stationary floating structures for Inland Waters, small and medium power crafts.


Our services in this area include:

Design, Construction, Maintenance/Refurbishment/Conversion of all types of stationary floating Accommodation Units. Types may be pontoons with fixed superstructures or pontoon with individual modularized units. General utilities piping and electrical installations may be provided in the Hull frame work and extended to single or multi - storey Super - Structures Accommodation Compartments.


The services we provide in this area include:

Design, Construction, Maintenance/Refurbishment and conversion tasks. We handle all types of barges, i.e. Flat - top with or without Ramps, fuels/water tank Barges and General cargo types. Barges may be self-propelled or dumb and for off-shore or inland waters operations.

Small/Medium-Size Power Crafts

We offer the following services in this category of vessels:

Maintenance, Refurbishment and conversion. Typical vessels and tugboats, ferries of various forms for Inland waters, Crew boats, Yachts, fishing vessels, etc.

Buoys, Pontoons and Other Stationay Floating Structures for Inland Waters

We are involved in the Design, construction, laying/installation and maintenance of these systems.

Design and Consultancy

Design and other consultancy services relating to boats and ships are active areas of our involvement. Plans are also underway to establish modern boats/small ships building facilities. We intend to start with barges, houseboats, sporting and crew boats, patrol boats for military and para-military operations, tug boats, inland water ferries, fishing vessels and gradually move on to bigger and more sophisticated vessel types. In anticipation of this serious plan, our design and consultancy unit has increased efforts in working out original designs and all related paper work.