Corrosion Engineering

Anti-Corrosion Protection for Structures

We are involved in various activities in the area of corrosion engineering. We provide anti-corrosion protection in various forms (such as paints with special chemical formulations) to structures, equipment and systems operating in harsh environments. For example ships, off-shore structures, swamp structures and installations, cachineries and equipment such as boilers, condensers and other forms of heat exchangers, tanks for liquid hydrocarbons, water and corrosion protection chemicals. Our anti-corrosion protection schemes also include provision of cathodic protection. We specify, install, and maintain sacrificial anodes for protecting marine vessels and structures, steel jetties and bridges, steel tanks, buoys, etc.

Metallic Surface Cleaning and Preparation

We undertake the cleaning of highly corroded metallic surfaces by grit/sand blasting or by application of special chemicals. Remaining metal thickness can also be determined by using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.