Civil & Structural Engineering


We offer constructions, maintenance, repairs and technical superintendency services of various types of buildings up to medium size.

This include: Industrial building, multi-storey buildings, hotels, schools, housing estates, cold rooms, swimming pools, auditoria, gymnasia and other public facilities.

Civil Infrastructures

We undertake construction and maintenance/rehabilitation/modification of civil engineering infrastructures such as roads, jetties, piling works, dams, culverts, sewage systems and general piping networks. Plans are currently underway to embark on the design and construction of modern sewage systems utilizing highly efficient and compact sewage treatment equipment. These systems are expected to form mini-sewage systems for hotels, industrial complexes, communal markets and shopping centres, educational centres, etc.

Tanks, Reservoirs and Containers

Our contributions to the civil engineering industry also extends to the construction of tanks, containers and cisterns for various purposes using material such as concrete, reinforced plastics, etc.